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Post by Patricia on Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:06 am

I was looking for the emails on insurance providers that cover homeopathy and thought I'd summarize it here.

Greenshield, Blue Cross, Great West Life, Sunlife and Manulife have all been mentioned as having plans that cover homeopathy.

Although these companies may cover homeopathy, it depends entirely on the plan an individual has. Each company (employer) and their broker design their plan for the coverage they want. Most brokers recommend standard packages. It has been standard to have naturopathy under the Paramedical umbrella - and homeopathic coverage would be covered under naturopathy. (not homeopaths). Again, it depends on the company. Some will only recognize licenced naturopaths. some will accept a homeopath with a practitioner number.

If the coverage is under naturopathy in paramedical services, it may be possible to have that changed to cover both homeopaths AND/OR naturopaths under the Paramedical umbrella. The person covered by the plan must make that request. So if the maximum for a naturopath is listed as $500 per person for the year, the individiual can visit either a homeopath or a naturopath, as long as the combined receipts do not go over the $500 per year.

Some insurers are moving towards a "buffet" style of coverage. This means that they will allow a certain amount per year for alternative therapies (paramedical), and the individual covered by the plan chooses what to spend it on.

It is advisable to write something like 'homeopathic consultation' on your invoices to avoid any problems with rejected claims. You also need to provide a practitioner number.

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Post by Glen on Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:24 am

hey, patricia, great post!

Does anyone have an idea how much it costs for a family plan for both naturopathic and/or homeopathic coverage? I'm thinking aboyt getting coverage for mine.


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