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Post by Glen on Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:40 am

Hx of stroke/Susceptibility

- once a person has suffered a stroke, very likely that they will have another in the natural course of life

Homeopathic Tx

- people recover naturally after a stroke within first weeks to months but very fast and completely with homeopathy

- the sooner a patient is treated homeopathically, during or right after the stroke, the better it is as they will come out of it very quickly, total recovery is possible it treated soon after stroke

- if not treated immediately, it's still beneficial even if a long time ago; if 2 years later, a baseline of recovery will have been reached (most healing will occur closer to the incident, just like in cases of trauma)

- advise patient to call you after a stroke

Sign of Stroke

- upon 1st sign of a stroke, patient can take Rx

- advisable to give patient a Rx for their stroke so it’s at hand (that you would have prescribed beforehand from having taken their Hx of stroke)

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