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- will respond to almost any Rx, in an organized manner, proving every Rx given, and are difficult to treat (Hahnemann), i.e. incurable if wrong posology or Rx given (“acts upon the life force even when similar by the symptoms, it either blunts its sensitiveness palliatively and increases its suffering afterward, or it throws it into a dangerous and tumultuous condition to which it not seldom succumbs and from which it often never recovers” (IHA, 1890, Criticisms))
- if potency is correct, i.e. simillimum potency, should be an aggravation then amelioration
- can even respond in positive ways, e.g. sleep better, calmer, no more desire for sweets…must be careful because this can throw you off thinking you’ve found Rx; in advanced pathologies, patients much less reactive to
just any Rx
- may ameliorate slight, but will prove if wrong potency
- both Lippe and Hering observed that some patients were so sensitive that they could detect certain remedies held
in the hand (IHA, 1925, 2nd Report)


- if any potency or influence aggravates, have patient just open bottle and observe reaction; Andrea uses 6C
- if aggravated and then slightly better, right Rx
- length of aggravation should diminish on repeated dosing
- next step when less sensitive to opening of bottle, smell bottle

indications of sensitives

- no way to predict hypersensitives, but patient that is pallid, extremely excitable, nervous, sensitive, fidgety is to be suspected

proving a Rx

- no proving Sx’s will occur if someone has a serious disease, unless extremely sensitive
- proving Sx’s can be useful in indicating the next Rx b/c proving Sx’s show the weakness of an individual, i.e. their susceptibilities; unless they’re very sensitive and always proving a Rx…not representative of their own state of weakness
- hypersensitives are ideal provers

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