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Intake Form: Homeopathic Hx Empty Intake Form: Homeopathic Hx

Post by Glen on Mon Jul 06, 2009 11:29 pm

When reviewing a patient's intake form, it's important to note which Rx's a patient has taken in the past and investigate as it may guide your prescribing:

1. If a person has never had homeopathic Tx, it is likely that they will need the same Rx now that they've needed their whole life, i.e. since a child. (An exception to them not needing the same Rx would be if there was a major event in their life that created a great disturbance which would be plainly visible in a shift in their physical generals, e.g. a change in their body temp, sleep, energy, a new sensitivity to drafts, a new craving for salty foods, etc.)

2. If treated acutely with a homeopathic Rx and the patient improved greatly, the complementary Rx's and follows-well Rx's would have to be strongly considered in prescribing the chronic Rx for the patient.

3. If during chronic Tx the patient partially responds to a Rx, it's important to note which Sx's were removed as they may be a key to the case, i.e. that removed Sx may not be reported to you by the patient if you don't investigate this thereby possibly putting you in the position of losing a Sx that is the key to your case.

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