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Primary Cause of Disease Empty Primary Cause of Disease

Post by Glen on Mon Jul 06, 2009 11:28 pm

[Follow up to the Quiz: Non-dynamic Causes of Disease]

First question to consider after taking a patient's case: "Is this a case for homeopathy?" In other words, "Is the primary cause of the patient's disease state a dynamic cause?" If so, the case is treatable.

If non-dynamic (see non-dynamic causes below), then the appropriate Rx must be prescribed. If the case has both dynamic and non-dynamic causes, both causes of disease must be addressed with the appropriate Rx.

Non-Dynamic Causes of Disease and Obstacles to Cure

1. mechanical
2. environmental
3. hygienic
4. chemical
5. created by the mind
6. congenital
7. genetic
8. iatrogenic
9. lesion, e.g. scar tissue

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