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Role of Diagnosis Empty Role of Diagnosis

Post by Glen on Wed Jun 17, 2009 2:08 pm

1. Allows us to diagnose whether the case before us is a case for homeopathy or not, i.e. dynamic or not.

2. If a case for homeopathy, i.e. dynamic, allows us to identify and remove any and all obstacles that may impede cure.

3. Allows us to distinguish common Sx's of a disease from characteristic Sx's thereby helping in the selection of the most homeopathic Rx. Also, without diagnosis, we blind ourselves to the use of many rubrics in the repertory.

4. Allows us to give a prognosis.

5. During case management, it allows us to evaluate posology (= potency and frequency of dose), when to change prescription, when to use a complimentary Tx or refer out to other homeopaths/therapists/physicians.

6. Distinguish dissimilar diseases, i.e. multiple diagnoses, e.g. in different stages of disease to help identify the various remedies which might apply (see for example: Nash and the different stages of pneumonia, Raue and various stages of other pathologies; e.g., especially so in various neurological or psychiatric illnesses (i.e. need to DD peculiar)

7. We also need to know when a diagnosis is indeterminate.

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